digital outreach for the world.

our specialty.

Digital strategy is rapidly evolving. We specialize in providing your campaign the digital tools it needs to find, reach, and persuade your target audience.


Digital Acquisition Ad Programs.

People can’t engage with you if they can’t find you. The process of connecting on digital platforms with people likely to support cause or campaign is called digital acquisition. We provide tailored Digital Acquisition Ad Programs for your campaign.

On search engines, we focus on connecting you and your message with new people through search engine results pages (SERP) using:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising (Google AdWords & Bing Ads).

  • Keyword Advertising (Google AdWords & Bing Ads).

On social media, we focus on connecting you with new people through:

  • Geo-location Brand Awareness Campaigns

  • Reach Campaigns (via location, demographics, language, or interests)


Digital Persuasion Ad Programs.

They’ve connected with your campaign. Now what? Engagement drives action. The process of continually engaging people for action across digital platforms is called digital persuasion. We provide Digital Persuasion Ad Programs that work on a stand alone basis or in conjunction with your Digital Acquisition programs.

On search engines, we get your campaign constant exposure through Keyword and PPC ads for:

  • Display Network (sites related to your campaign or cause)

  • Competitors (when people search your competitors)

  • Similar Campaigns (when people search for campaigns similar to yours)

On social media, we get your name and message in front of people who engage with your content using Custom Audiences:

  • Engagement (people who like, comment or visit your profile)

  • Page Likes (people who like or follow your page)

  • Web Traffic (people who visit your website)

  • Conversions (people who donate to your campaign or cause)

  • Video View (people who watch your videos)

  • Email (people who provide theirs)

  • Events (people who interact with your events)



Part of our mission at Human Age Digital is to expand the knowledge of digital campaigning. We believe that digital tools should be available to everyone. To fulfill this, we offer training in the following three areas.

Social Media Setup (1 Hour Training):

  • Pages and Profiles

  • Tabs and Optional Content

  • Managers and Administrators

  • Strong Security and Sharing Use

  • Getting Approved to Promote Political Content

Social Media Basics (1 Hour Training):

  • Business Pages and Profiles vs Individual Profiles

  • Which Network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) is Best for Each Message?

  • What Type of Content Works Best on Each Network?

  • Post Metrics (Type, Targeting, Reach, Engagement)

  • Understanding Insights and Publishing Tools

  • Organic Reach vs. Paid Reach

Social Media Basic Advertising (1 Hour Training)

  • Post Promotions (Boost)

  • Objectives

  • Buttons

  • Audiences

  • Placements

  • Budgets

Ready to level up?