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Benjamin is a once-undocumented-millennial-immigrant that’s tired of the system. He has a BA and MBA from Rice University and was the Chief Financial Officer for the Houston Health Department. He quit his job to run for office in 2018 because he believes that we need to focus on people and communities instead of political parties. He founded Human Age Digital to help people focused small campaigns reach digital audiences. He has extensive experience in digital acquisition, digital persuasion. and digital advertising strategy.

social: @thebenjaminhdz (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter)


anna ray, marketing writer

Anna is a writer and content strategist who can engage your audience, educate them and drive them to take action. She writes copy, websites, articles, blog posts and newsletters using your brand’s voice to connect authentically and convey your unique message and value. For over a decade, she’s worked with small to midsize businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions to transform audiences into enthusiastic, supportive communities.


danny corprew, chief of analytics

MBA skilled in Lean Six Sigma, Operations Management, Process Efficiency, Cost Efficiency, Revenue Efficiency, Team Building and Public Speaking. Highly analytical with a keen ability to identify creative solutions to operational problems across various industries. He is the all around analytics expert.