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Human Age Digital

We build your digital advertising strategy from the ground up in 3 key areas:

Digital Presence

Digital Presence

Establishing your digital presence through branding, logo and website design.

Digital Acquisition

Digital Acquisition

Building campaign awareness and engagement through targeted digital advertising.

Digital Persuasion

Digital Persuasion

Driving high value engagement to fuel your campaign digitally and on the ground.

Digital Presence:
Set up your website and social media profiles for maximum recognition and engagement

Introduce yourself to voters with a beautiful website and cohesive branding across platforms. We design your campaign logo and branding, integrate it into your custom-built website, set up and personalize all your social media profiles. 

Voter Engagement
Engage with your voters and reach out to new supporters on social media
Digital Presence
Social Media Ads
Social media ads grow your support base by increasing followers, likes and shares. Advertise to specific neighborhoods, age groups, demographics and likely political affiliation to boost name recognition. 

Digital Acquisition:
Grow your base with campaign awareness
and competitor targeting

A tailored digital acquisition strategy sends your supporters directly to you through searches for your name (campaign awareness) or your competitors (competitor targeting).

Digital Aquisition

Digital Persuasion:
Drive support online and offline with website and engagement retargeting

Website retargeting serves social media ads to users who visit your website. Now it can lead them to high engagement actions like signing up for emails, attending events and volunteering for your campaign.

Engagement retargeting serves ads to users who have engaged with your social media content (likes, shares, comments). Social media algorithms boost ads over organic content, giving you the advantage.

VAN data Targeting
Use VAN data to create custom audiences and boost name recognition by targeting:
  • Neighborhoods
  • Age Groups
  • Demographics
  • Likely Political Affiliation    
Digital Persuasion


Get in-person and virtual training for the whole team

We can also show you how to run a social media advertising campaign yourself with our in-person and digital workshops tailored to your team’s needs. We can train you in any (or all!) of the following areas and more:


Social Media Setup

  • Getting approved to promote political content

  • Making pages and profiles on Facebook and Instagram

  • Setting up tabs and optional content for your followers

  • Assigning managers and administrators to pages

  • Security best practices for political campaigns

Social Media Basics

  • Business pages and profiles vs. individual profiles

  • Which message is best for Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat

  • What type of content works best on each network

  • Post metrics (type, targeting, reach, engagement) 

  • Understanding insights and publishing tools

  • Why you need both paid and organic content

Social Media Basic Advertising

  • Boosting posts vs. running ads: Why and how to run an ad campaign

  • How to define campaign objectives

  • How to put buttons on ads to increase engagement and conversion

  • Setting custom audiences so your voters see your content

  • How to place ads on different platforms

  • Estimating and setting your ad budgets

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